Use the right collar

Most people have a collar on their dog...but are you using the right one? Dogs, whether out for a walk in the neighborhood or going into their favortie doggy daycare, are amazing at pulling themselves right out of their collar. Ideally, you have an information collar and a leash collar. The leash collar should be a martingale or other tightening style collar. If a dog gets startled, it doesn't take much for them to pull right through the collar and take off. Finding a lost dog is emotionally and physically draining and using the right collar is an easy way to prevent that from happening.

This isn't something that will happen with every dog and is more common with rescues that have been on the street in the past. These rescues can revert back to the "street dog" frame of mind in a heartbeat.

There are many nice looking collars that will be great to keep your dogs say. We have several options available at North Shore Dog and so do most of your local places. Keep your pet safe!


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